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30 Jun 2009

Multicard releases new Multiapplication Microcontroller Card

Wallisellen and Villingen-Schwenningen, June 30, 2009 - Multicard AG today announced the successful launch of a new pioneering application of contactless and dual interface microcontroller technology. In a global first, Multicard has utilized combined different high frequency contactless technologies on a single IC.

The new card utilizes a single processor for both a LEGIC® applet and the MIFARE® technology to enable the use of a single identification credential in different environments that also accommodates legacy installations. The rollout of the new cards with access control, time and attendance, cashless payment and NFC has been successfully completed and first deliveries to customers of the dual interface contact / contactless cards have already been made. Significant orders for a contactless version have been received and will be implemented in the coming weeks.

The system architecture was pioneered by Cosmo.ID. New LEGIC® card-in-card solutions allow for the storage of standard LEGIC® applications, such as those for employee cards on a single dual interface smart card. LEGIC® card-in-card solutions also permit the integration of contactless multi-applications on virtual LEGIC transponders in contactless or dual interface smart cards, thus enabling the combination of secure physical and logical access systems on a single card.

Jürgen Müller, Managing Director of Multicard GmbH, commented: "The new card has been developed to integrate various secure applications on one independent processor to enable customers to make full use of a true multi-application smart card solution, based on a high level of independence and security. The ingenuity of the Multicard system is the option of being able to run practically unlimited new and independent applications on one card". Müller added "our consulting arm at Cosmo.ID did a very impressive job on the system architecture which helped us enormously. The success of this launch was only possible with the tremendous cooperation of our sister companies within the Bluehill ID Group as well as our long standing partners including Legic and NXP"

The new card is available in conjunction with the complete personalization process delivered through service fulfillment.

About Multicard
Multicard is a leading supplier of multifunctional smart card solutions for secure identification programs with in-house capabilities for credential issuance, personalization and fulfillment services for the consumer, government and corporate customers. Multicard offers ID systems management and engineering services as well as full implementation and program management. Multicard is also a provider of online enrollment services and portable biometric data capture equipment for enrollment of ePassport and other government ID and corporate ID applications.

About Cosmo.ID
Cosmo ID was founded in 1997 focusing on smart card system architecture and data structuring. Cosmo ID provides consulting services for end users in government and industry as well as consulting services to companies across the value chain of the smart card industry.


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